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Enter to win a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ earbuds! Simply leave a Google review for our office and then submit the following:

Email cellular_billing@byu.edu with your full name, phone number, and date of review for a chance to win. Winner will be randomly selected on March 8th.


                                           Galaxy Buds



AT&T is currently offering $100 off any smartphone upgrade. Valid through March 31st.

AT&T also offers a $100 credit for new lines of service (this includes porting your number from a different carrier). Upgrades or Bring Your Own Device plans are not eligible for this credit.


If you are trying to activate a device, please use the following:

Sprint Upgrades: Call Customer Care at 800-927-2199

Ports to Sprint: Call Customer Care at 1-866-437-1818

AT&T Upgrades: Use this link: www.att.com/checkmyorder/activations/activateWireless.rt

          *Note that the ZIP code is 84602

Ports to AT&T: Call Customer Support at 1-888-898-7685 and follow the prompts


Verizon Upgrades: Call Customer Support at 1-877-807-4646


*New lines of service on any carrier come pre-activated.